If there ever was a bond

With this homophonic horror, the bond between Yahoo! Style and the reader is broken — if there ever was one.


You’re wrong with your word choice

I really don’t believe that the writer for Yahoo! Finance doesn’t know the difference between you’re (which is a contraction of you are) and your (which is a possessive pronoun):


It’s the kind of mistake I’ll prone to make even though I know the difference and my writing is otherwise perfect. Nearly.

That’s altogether different

Let’s say this all together: The Yahoo! Finance writer was altogether wrong:


If you mean “utterly, completely,” use altogether; if you mean “collectively or together,” use all together.

What color is the roof of her mouth?

What is a monochrome color palate? I guess it’s the roof of one’s mouth that is a single color, like green or fuchsia. Maybe the Yahoo! Style writer responsible for this will enlighten me:


A palate is the roof of the mouth or sense of taste. A color palette is a range or set of colors.

Whose mistake is it?

Who’s responsible for this homophonic error on Yahoo! Style? Whose mistake is it?



Are those letters to legislators?

While I’m pondering what “capitol letters” are (could they be missives to representatives on Capitol Hill?), you can ponder the mystery that is a mismatched subject and verb on Yahoo! Finance:


The word capitol means only one thing: A building or buildings where legislatures meet. If you mean something else (including uppercase letters), use capital. Maybe someone at Yahoo! can explain why using incorrect words does not matter to the Internet giant.

What color is a pallet?

From Yahoo! Style:


This is a pallet:


A set or range of colors is a palette.

It’s the real standout

It’s a Yahoo! Finance article about Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo!, but its homophonic error is the real standout:


Take a peek at this!

Take a peek at this excerpt from Yahoo! Sports:

peak your interest mlb

If that doesn’t pique your interest in learning about homophones, nothing will.

We don’t judge

I am hopeless unhip and not the least bit embarrassed by it. So, I willingly admit I have no idea who this Nev Schulman is who’s featured on Yahoo! Style:

fiance style vma

From the accompanying photo, Nev Schulman appears to be a man. And Laura Perlango, who is obviously pregnant, appears to be a woman. But, according to the folks at Yahoo!, that person is actually a man, engaged to Nev Schulman. So, I’m a little confused. I supposed that a man who was formerly a female, but with some anatomical parts still intact, could be pregnant. It’s none of my business, really. I don’t judge.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Laura Perlango is actually a female, making her Nev’s fiancée. And the writer didn’t take French I in high school, where we learned that fiancé refers to a male who is engaged and fiancée to a female.

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