Going through a phase

Is the writer for Yahoo! Parenting going through a phase? She doesn’t seem fazed by this homophonic horror:

phased parent

To older siblings

When is one error two? When it’s on Yahoo! Style and it’s to, not two:

to sty

When the heroine is an addict

Can a movie character be both a heroine and an addict? Apparently, yes. At least according to Yahoo! Style editors:


Not trying too hard

In this article written by Yahoo! Style “editors,” it seems that no one is trying too hard to make sure Anna Wintour’s name is spelled correctly and that the correct homophone is used:

wintout to hard sty

See ‘Game of Thrones’ prime minister tonight!

Yesterday marked the premiere episode of this season’s “Game of Thrones.” According to Yahoo! Style, we’ll be introduced to a prime minister tonight:

premier sty

That’s altogether different

Let’s say this all together: This is utterly, completely, altogether wrong:

all together diy

The editor in chief for Yahoo! Makers should have referred to this information from the American Heritage Dictionary:

Altogether and all together do not mean the same thing. We use all together to indicate that the members of a group perform or undergo an action collectively: The nations stood all together. The prisoners were herded all together. All together is used only in sentences that can be rephrased so that all and together may be separated by other words: The books lay all together in a heap. All the books lay together in a heap.

Apple Watch: Losing its memory?

Is there a risk that the Apple Watch will lose its cache memory? That’s the question posed by the geniuses at yahoo.com:

fp cache

After all these years of documenting the errors made by Yahoo!’s writers and editors, I’m still astounded by their ignorance. The word cache (which is pronounced cash, not cash-ay) means “the storage buffer of a computer, also called cache memory” or “a hiding place or the stuff in a hiding place.”

With errors like this, Yahoo! is losing any cachet it might still have. And by cachet (which is pronounced cash-ay) I mean its prestige or appeal.

Piece out!

Holy moley! Did I really read this on Yahoo! Style?

piece signs sty

I’m not talking about the misspelling of Nikko La Mere’s name, although that’s bad enough. I’m referring to piece signs. Is the writer so young or so ignorant that she thinks that a piece sign is an actual thing? It’s peace sign.

What’s stationary?

Here’s a headline on Yahoo! Makers that tells us exactly nothing:

diy stationary

First, consider whether DIY (which is short for “do it yourself”) is synonymous with homemade. It is, isn’t it? So why use both? Then there’s the adjective stationary (which means “not moving”) that lacks a noun to modify. What’s the missing word? Does this headline refer to a homemade stationary bike? Judging from the picture, I think this headline is telling us something: The writer doesn’t know the difference between not moving and writing paper (which is stationery).

If you forget which is which, try this mnemonic: Both stationery and letter contain ER.

Was that the Sahara or the Gobi?

What desert could a baker make into the shape of a book?

desert news

Is it possible that the Yahoo! News writer meant dessert? As I learned from Miss Sampson in third grade: Dessert has two S’s because you want more dessert. I wonder what this writer learned in third grade.


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