An everyday occurrence

It’s practically an everyday occurrence at Yahoo!: Someone confuses everyday (which means ordinary, routine, or commonplace) and every day (which means each and every day). This time it’s on Yahoo! Beauty, where the writer meant “in their ordinary lives”:

every day bea

Without further farewell?

It’s time to bid adieu to homophonic errors at Yahoo!. Writers at Yahoo! often get confused by words that sound alike (or that they think sound alike), but are spelled differently. Happens all the time. So without further ado, I present another homophonic horror, this time from Yahoo! Travel:

adieu trav

How heavy was the line?

Towing a line involves pulling it behind you. If it was fishing line, it probably is an easy task, though it makes no sense in the context of this Yahoo! Style article:

towed the line sty

If the writer meant that Ms. Miller’s toes were touching the line, then she was towing it, she was toeing it.

Paired up with the wrong word

Maybe if the writer for Yahoo! Style tried to pare down her use erroneous words she wouldn’t be making these mistakes:

paired down sty

You can pair up items of clothing and you can pair up two words to make the correctly spelled grownup. You just can’t pair down anything.

Nothing could be further from correct

Using farther couldn’t have been further from correct on Yahoo! Style:

farther cel

Unless the distance from the truth is measurable, the correct word is further. Need further explanation? See the American Heritage Dictionary.

That’s altogether different

Let’s say this all together now: If you mean “entirely, completely, utterly,” use altogether. If you read this on Yahoo! Makers, you know this is altogether wrong:

all together diy

What kind of flower do they use?

What kind of flower is used to make tortillas? Not roses or marigolds, neither of which has much nutritional value. We’d have to as the writer for Yahoo! Makers who has trouble with homophones as well as matching a verb to the singular subject neither:

flower totillas diy

I can’t bear it any longer

You tell me: How could a dress with a big fat cutout in the middle hold up a model’s ab? And why does she have only one abdominal muscle? Yahoo! Style has me so confused; I just can’t bear it any more:

ab-bearing sty ab-bearing sty pic

At least the model is cute, abs-baring dress and all.

Throwing my hands up

I practically threw my hands up in the air after reading this on Yahoo! Style:

through a party sty

It’s the kind of homophonic mistake that only happens on Yahoo!.

Where did you get that idea?

Where did the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity get the idea that this is correct? And where was the editor who would have known to change wears to wares?

wears cel


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