Shoes too loose?

Sometimes I wish there was simultaneous translations on Yahoo! Style; that way maybe I could understand the writers. I get that grey is a variant of what most Americans call gray. But what’s with the “white shoes nothing to loose”?

nothing to loose

Should that be “too loose”? Or “to lose”?

Was it an Alp?

What kind of peak is a sneak? An Alp? Take a sneak peek at this Yahoo! Style and you decide:

sneak peak sty

Were they chocolate brown?

What makes a boot a “dessert boot”? Is it chocolate brown suede? Is it the inability to spell by a Yahoo! Style writer?


Cue the laughter

Cue the laughter! Unless the writer for Yahoo! Makers thought the “hilarity” was standing in a line, she picked the wrong homophone:

queue hilarity diy

Where errors reign

Someone needs to take over the editorial reins of Yahoo! Style and teach those young’uns the difference between reign (which means “to exercise power” or “to be predominant”) and reins (“a means of restraining or directing”):

take over reigns sty

It’s never too late to learn English

Some advice to the people responsible for the words on It’s never too late to start learning English:

fp to late

Here’s a piece of advice

Here’s some advice to the Yahoo! Style writer: Make peace with a good dictionary:

said his peace sty

There. I’ve said my piece.

Something to lose

The writer for Yahoo! Travel is wrong when she says she had “nothing to loose.” She should lose that extra O:

loose tra

Two reasons

Here are two of the best reasons to proofread, illustrated by Yahoo! Celebrity:

to celeb

One reason to proofread? If you don’t correct your mistakes, you could be confusing your readers. Another reason? If your writing contains an error, you look like an idiot and your readers will notice. Here’s what one reader commented:

“and he’s given me to of the best blessings I could possibly imagine.” ‘To’? Really? Yahoo Celebrity writers suck at proof reading.

Once you get past that…

Once you get past the misused word on Yahoo! Finance, things like kinda OK:

passed fin

Heck, it could be worse. She could have misspelled athletes. Oops. Looks like someone writing for the accompanying video did:

atheletes fin


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