Makers of mistakes

I think I know why Yahoo! changed the name of the site Yahoo! DIY to Yahoo! Makers — because they’re makers of lots of mistakes!

pregancy diy

There’s no comparison

There’s just no comparison between “news” on the Yahoo! front page and news from legitimate sources that employ people who know how to proofread:

fp comparism

Maybe you should try Googling her name

I know one person who didn’t bother searching for Ariana Grande, and that person works at

fp arianna grande

Oddest oddsmaker is a real stinker

Here’s a really odd oddsmaker from the Yahoo! front page:

fp oddmakers

That’s not the only oddity in that module: The sentence below it seems really odd, too.

That does not soothe my nerves

Seeing a misspelling on the Yahoo! front page, one of the most visited pages on the Internet, does not soothe my nerves. It has just the opposite effect:

fp sooth

An avalanche of emails

With the number, frequency, and severity of errors that are made every day on the Yahoo! front page, I can’t believe the Internet giant doesn’t receive an avalanche of emails protesting its embarrassing use of English:

fp avalance

Too much of Graham Elliot

How embarrassing for Yahoo! TV. Here on its home page is a little more of Graham Elliot than is necessary:

graham elliott tv

Still holding your breath?

Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay calm, this misspelling on Yahoo! DIY may pass:

breath diy

Acute mistake

It’s so cute when the writers for Yahoo! try to pound out words or names that include accent marks. It’s cute, and usually wrong. Today, it’s Renée Zellweger’s name that has a misplaced acute accent on Yahoo! Celebrity:

renee celeb

That is not Aaron Rodgers

That’s not Aaron Rodgers on the Yahoo! front page, but it should be:

fp aaron rogers

Yesterday, it was a misspelled Roethlisberger. Today, it’s a misspelled Rodgers. Why do writers have a problem with quarterbacks?


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