Shave or a haircut? What’s your favorite?

All you barbers out there, here’s a poll for you: Which service do you prefer to give a customer? A shave or a haircut. Let me know in the comments. While I’m waiting for the responses to flood in, I think I’ll amuse myself with this homophonic horror from Yahoo! DIY:

barber poll diy

This is what the writer meant: It’s a barber pole:

barber pole

Speidi, millions of homes, and a fued

I knew things weren’t going to go well when I read this headline on Yahoo! Shine:

The brilliant author is writing about the couple known collectively as Speidi and can’t get those six letters right. This does not bode well for the article.

I had read only a few sentences before I encountered this mystery:

Then, the startling discovery: The young couple was looking for millions of homes in Malibu:

I guess Ms. Palin has been influenced by Donald Trump, and now refers to herself as “the Sarah.” And that whole “voting poles” thing? Heck, you need a pole to hold a flag, right? It’s just not the same as “the polls,” where voting takes place:

If Speidi are living with one of Spencer’s parents, then this apostrophe is correct; if not, then the writer is a bit dim:

I guess the writer’s spell-checker wasn’t working when she checked this:

Or, maybe this writer doesn’t use spell-checker. Or a dictionary.

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