There’s more than a slight chance you’re wrong

It doesn’t take sleight of hand to correct a homophonic error on Yahoo! Sports: All it takes is a little knowledge of the difference between slight (which is a snub or discourteous comment) and sleight (which is a clever trick):

sleight mlb

Slight of mind

Some people confuse slight and sleight. Others have trouble choosing between than and then. And others can’t figure out when to use bear or bare. But few professional writers can’t pick the right word from any of those commonly confused pairs. It takes a really, really special writer to screw them up; and that writer works for Yahoo! Shine.

After making a typo, she Fs up sleight of hand:

Then she goes with than and bare:

But she shouldn’t bear the brunt of grammarians’ wrath. I blame her employer, who doesn’t insist that an editor approve all articles written by its staff.

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