This isn’t baseball

Well, at least the editors at Yahoo! Movies managed to get one possessive form right in this headline:

neesons mov

If this were baseball they’d be batting .500.

If it ends in S, add an apostrophe

It seems that the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks that a word ending in S requires an apostrophe, even if it’s a simple plural:

models apos sty

What were you thinking of?

Lots o’ luck trying to figure out what the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks an apostrophe means here:

pot of gold sty

An apostrophe can indicate the omission of a letter. What letter could be missing in pot ‘o gold? Did the writer mean pot so gold? Pot to gold? Or maybe pot no gold?

Readers and English are the victims here

Who are the real victims of the carelessness of the editors at The readers:

fp victims

The victims’ injuries may not be visible, but readers and their language suffer when professional scribes fail to adhere to common rules of grammar and punctuation.

Watch out for these annoying errors

If you’re reading Yahoo! Finance, watch out for the annoying errors, like this attempt at making traveler plural:

travelers fin

There’s no apostrophe in that plural, except in the mind of Yahoo!’s editors.

Apostrophes: Extraneous edition

Imagine going to the trouble and expense of creating a graphic for the Yahoo! Style home page, and then screwing it up by stuffing an apostrophe in a simple plural like Oscars:

oscars apos sty

If you ever travel back in time…

If you ever get stuck in  a time warp in the twentieth century, be prepared! Yahoo! Style has the information you need about appropriate jewelry for the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s:

ages sty

Seriously, when used with numbers, an apostrophe indicates a missing digit or two. What the heck did the writer think the apostrophes meant?

Dress to skin: You look like a million bucks

That’s quite a dress! According to Yahoo! Style, a dress was being complimentary, meaning it said something nice about an actress’s skin:

compliment dollars sty

A complimentary dress could be more valuable than millions of dollars’ (with an apostrophe) worth of diamonds. If the dress merely complemented her skin, it would only make her skin look better.

Seriously, ya’ll love this

Seriously, ya’ll love this from Yahoo! Style:

yall sty

I can only assume the writer was trying for y’all, but slipped the apostrophe in the wrong place.

A good old-fashioned error

Proving once again that the writers at Yahoo! Style haven’t the slightest idea when and why to use an apostrophe, this punctuation genius uses it to show a letter’s missing (I think):

apos ol sty

I’m just not sure what letter is missing. Could that be short for pol? I’m strictly ol’ school when it comes to punctuation: Don’t use an apostrophe unless you know why you’re using it.


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