Do you remember anything?

Do you remember anything from third grade? If you’re this Yahoo! Makers writer, the answer would be, “not so much.” She apparently forgot how to form the plural of a noun (hint: it generally doesn’t include an apostrophe) and she forgot that valentine is not capitalized when you’re referring to a card:

valentines apo diy

Stop the baby talk and learn to write

I blame Rachael Ray for the rise in the use of the word sammie for what adults refer to as a sandwich. I blame ignorance for this Yahoo! Makers writer’s use of the apostrophe:

sammie apos diy 2

This professional writer has no idea what an apostrophe means when you put it at the beginning of a word. When dropped there, it indicates that one or more letters are missing. So, what does she think sammie is short for? Flotsammie? Jetsammie? Balsammie?

Wrong in two languages

Quel scandale! If you’re going to make mistakes, like this Yahoo! Style writer, why not do it in two languages.

quelle scandale sty

In addition to the misspelled quel scandale, there’s an extraneous apostrophe in what should be 1940s. And “pillboxes hats”? That’s just funny.

Totally random, totally wrong

It’s no wonder that the byline for this article is simply “Yahoo! Style staff.” If I wrote that poorly, I wouldn’t want my name attached to the article, either. Among the many, many mistakes is this totally random use of an apostrophe and a couple of apostrophes that go missing:

subjects sty

Why didn’t anyone notice that subjects is missing its apostrophe and the plural of bathroom doesn’t have an apostrophe? Didn’t someone spot the misspelling of Ashley? Doesn’t anyone at Yahoo! know that it’s (and not its) is a contraction for it is? Did it really take the entire “staff” to make that many gaffes in one sentence?

Who eliminated that?

Did a editor play a leading role in eliminating the apostrophe’s place as a sign of a possessive noun?

fp homosex

Just put it anywhere

Sometimes I think the writers at Yahoo! Style know they need to throw some punctuation at a sentence, but have no idea where it should go. This genius writer probably thought an apostrophe was required, so she took a chance and came up with this:

ol days apos sty

It might have been more effective if she asked an editor’s opinion first. Oh horrors! Maybe she did ask for editorial advice and they told her to stick it there! Anyhoo, regardless of how that apostrophe got there, it’s wrong. The apostrophe is being used to indicate the omission of a letter, so unless she meant pol, the apostrophe belongs after the L and the result is short for old.

How many car manufacturers are there?

You probably thought that there was more than one car manufacturer in the world. You would be wrong. Or the editors at would be wrong:

fp manufacturers

If they’re referring to a single manufacturer, then the placement of the apostrophe is correct. If they’re referring to more than one maker — and we know they are — the apostrophe belongs after the S: manufacturers’.

Decades’ worth of errors

Here’s just one error on to add to decades’ worth of grammatical goofs on the site:

fp decades worth

Just throw it anywhere

Proving that she has no regard for punctuation or accuracy, this Yahoo! Style writer just throws the marks in willy-nilly:

rachel-wood sty

Did she really think that Evan’s last name was Rachel-Wood? Or did she just not care that her name is Evan Rachel Wood? Obviously she didn’t bother to check the title of the film “Dallas Buyers Club,” preferring to just throw in an apostrophe.

What does an apostrophe mean?

An apostrophe can be used to show possession (as in “a writer’s mistake”) or to indicate that one or more letters have been omitted from a word or phrase (as in “I can’t believe this”). Here, an apostrophe is used to show that the Yahoo! Style writer has no idea when to use an apostrophe:

ole apos makers

What letter or letters did she think were missing from ole? Was that short for oleo? Oleander? Maybe she meant olé. Or maybe she meant a shortening of old and should have written ol’.


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