It’s all too familiar

This mistake on Yahoo! Makers is all too familiar:

all to familiar diy

Nay, the time is nigh

When I read this on Yahoo! TV I actually said, “Huh?” loudly enough that others heard me (and if they read this, they were probably thinking it, too). Someone needs to tell the writer (who is actually the New York bureau chief for Yahoo Entertainment) that there’s a time to learn a little more about the English language, and the time is nigh:

time is neigh tv

You too can look like this

By pairing extra words (like pair of when referring to a single skirt) and an incorrect word (like to instead of too), you too can look like a Yahoo! Style writer:

you to can sty

It’s too funny

It’s hard to believe that a professional writer (even one who works for Yahoo! Makers) can make this mistake:

dollar 1

Using the contraction it’s (which means it is or it has), instead of the correct possessive pronoun its is one of the most common mistakes anywhere, but especially at Yahoo!.

In the same article the writer makes another homophonic error. This is too funny:

dollar 2

You didn’t think too hard, did you?

The writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t think too hard about the correct word to use here:

to hard sty

To older siblings

When is one error two? When it’s on Yahoo! Style and it’s to, not two:

to sty

Not trying too hard

In this article written by Yahoo! Style “editors,” it seems that no one is trying too hard to make sure Anna Wintour’s name is spelled correctly and that the correct homophone is used:

wintout to hard sty

It’s never too late to learn English

Some advice to the people responsible for the words on It’s never too late to start learning English:

fp to late

Two reasons

Here are two of the best reasons to proofread, illustrated by Yahoo! Celebrity:

to celeb

One reason to proofread? If you don’t correct your mistakes, you could be confusing your readers. Another reason? If your writing contains an error, you look like an idiot and your readers will notice. Here’s what one reader commented:

“and he’s given me to of the best blessings I could possibly imagine.” ‘To’? Really? Yahoo Celebrity writers suck at proof reading.

Too too much

One too is a little too much on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity:

too hot too handle omg


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