Can you spot the error?

Here’s a fun little puzzler for you. Can you spot the error in this headline from Yahoo! Makers?

fit fit diy hp

Two seconds is too much

The eagle-eyed editors at the Yahoo! home page need to remove the second seconds and keep the first seconds, or remove the first seconds and keep the second seconds:

fp seconds

Is that Taylor Swift’s middle name?

Taylor Calls Swift? Yahoo! Style reveals the singer’s unusual middle name in really BIG letters:

calls sty hp

Of course, it is possible that someone at Yahoo! made a mistake when pounding out that headline. Nah. It’s not as if Yahoo! writers and editors ever erred.

Will this produce reader pushback?

Readers of might consider a little pushback when it comes to the Internet giant’s policy of refusing to proofread or edit its content. Maybe then it would eliminate repeated words and arbitrary hyphens in words like pushback:

fp push-back 2

But is pushback, even if spelled correctly, the right word? Probably not. It means a resistance or opposition to something, like a policy, plan, or strategy. What Macy’s is doing competing with Amazon or responding to Amazon.

In Memoriam English

Although it’s the same words in Latin, in memoriam is now an English expression. And it means “in memory of.” After reading this on Yahoo! Style, I think it can be applied to the English language:

in memoriam sty

So, “in memoriam of” means “in memory of of.” A tad redundant. But, at least the writer spelled it correctly, unlike a previous use of the expression.

About the about the about the

I have one thing to say about the about the about the on Yahoo! Celebrity: Proofread!

about the about the cel


I admit it: Sometimes I’m just really nitpicky. I read a sentence like this one on Yahoo! Makers and say (sometimes out loud): What the heck does the writer mean?

picnic 1

Is she saying that sitting down at a dinner table (as opposed to preparing that dinner) requires no thought, but a “picnic situation” (which I presume is different from a picnic) requires thought and planning? I don’t get the comparison. I also don’t get why logisics and differnt passed through the spell-checker unchecked. Oh, yeah, I forgot: Yahoo! writers don’t use spell-checkers.   They also don’t believe in proofreading for missing words. But I quibble.

And and I don’t understand how a writer can misspell separately, since separate appears on every list of the 100 most commonly misspelled words. Shouldn’t a professional writer know that?

picnic seperately

Is it nitpicky to expect that a writer would know that picnicing, if it were a real word, would be pronounced pick-nice-ing?

picnic ing

In order to maintain the hard C sound at the end of picnic, the writer should have added a K: picnicking. But I pick nits.

Do I repeat myself myself?

From the Yahoo! front page page:

fp room

It’s all about the baseball

For at least a half of a nanosecond I thought this was going to be a fine sentence on Then I read the second word. And then I read about “the baseball.”

fp on the baseball

More proof that you can’t outsource writing to non-English-speaking, non-baseball-loving countries.

Did you change your mind?

Did the writer for Yahoo! Sports decide that naming the team that Tony Gwynn Jr. faced wasn’t important after all? And then did the writer forget to remove a word? Or did the writer forget to include the opposing team’s name? So many questions.

against nearly spo


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