Judd Apatow is singular

Neither the Yahoo! Movies editors nor the writer has any idea what the correct verb is here:

have pushed mov

When a compound subject (like reviews and Judd Apatow) is joined by neither…nor, the verb must agree with the subject closer to it. In this case, it’s Judd Apatow and the verb should be has pushed.

This isn’t baseball

Well, at least the editors at Yahoo! Movies managed to get one possessive form right in this headline:

neesons mov

If this were baseball they’d be batting .500.

How did you arrive at that word?

How did the Yahoo! Movies writer arrive at this word?

arrived to mov

The verb arrive can be followed by the prepositions at, in, or on. But not to.

Bears repeating

If Daisy Ridley wore a dress that showed her midsection, it was midriff-baring. It bears repeating: When writing, don’t follow the example of the Yahoo! Movies staff:

midriff bearing sty

How to effect actual change

To effect actual change in the quality of writing at Yahoo! Movies, the site would have to employ competent editors — editors who know when to use affect and effect:

affect change mov

If you learned that affect is a verb and effect is a noun, you only learned half the story. Both affect and effect can be either a verb or a noun. The verb usage of effect is less common than its usage as a noun, but when you need a word to mean “bring about, make happen, or cause,” the word  is effect.

Running roughshod over the language

Yahoo! Movies ran roughshod over the English language with this interpretation of a common idiom:

rough shot mov

It’s not the same

This expression from Yahoo! Movies isn’t the same as the correct idiom:

one in the same mov

“One in the same” doesn’t make nearly as much sense as the correct “one and the same.”

Let’s roll!

The person playing the role of a writer for Yahoo! Movies came up with this gem:

speaking roll mov

This is a speaking roll:

speak roll

Actors who talk have speaking roles.

Rhymes with dough

It rhymes with dough, so shouldn’t it be spelled similarly? Was that the thought process behind this word on Yahoo! Movies?

through steak mov

Of course, the word is throw. It also rhymes with row, beau, floe, go, whoa, and sew. Maybe the misspelling could have been much worse.

Music nerfdom?

Just what is “nerdom”? Is it like a society of Nerf  balls? Or the condition of being a ner? Only the editors at Yahoo! Movies know:

nerdom mov


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