Because today’s meeting tomorrow is too late

Today’s Alibaba meeting kicked off today, according to Yahoo! Finance:


Makes sense to me. Who’d want to kick off today’s meeting tomorrow?

Is that the automated teller machine machine?

Let’s overlook this awkwardly worded sentence from Yahoo! Finance and focus on one of my pet peeves: ATM machines. No, not the machines themselves, but this phrase:

atm machine fin

The initialism ATM is short for “automated (or automatic) teller machine.” The addition of machine is superfluous and just drives me crazy. So do PIN number, MLB baseball, and VIN number.

Take that from from there

Someone at needs to learn to proofread. If they did, they’d take this from from this teaser:

fp from from

Editing you can DIY yourself

Here’s one headline on the Yahoo! front page that you can edit yourself:

fp yourself

Since DIY stands for “do it yourself,” this headline is a tad repetitious. It’s right up there in the Department of Redundancy Department with ATM machine and PIN number.

Even too much

The proofreading at was so weak that even even an extra word got through:

fp even even

Two seconds is too much

The eagle-eyed editors at the Yahoo! home page need to remove the second seconds and keep the first seconds, or remove the first seconds and keep the second seconds:

fp seconds

This magazine wants you to read its magazine

Maxim is a magazine. The writer for Yahoo! Style seems to have forgotten that. She thinks Maxim (when it’s in italics) is the company that publishes the magazine and that you can refer to a company by a plural pronoun. She’s wrong on both counts:

their magazine sty

She needs an editor to take the reins and correct her word usage. An editor who’ll remove coverups from a list of swimsuits since it’s not an actual swimsuit. An editor who’ll remove a galloping case of redundancy and who’ll make sense of this final sentence:

swimsuits sty

In addition to also

In addition to using in addition to, the writer for Yahoo! Movies used the redundant also:

whose guided mov

Who’s responsible for the use of whose instead of who’s? The writer, who’s actually a senior editor. He’s also responsible for the missing parenthesis and the totally mystifying ending to that paragraph.

How’s that proofreading going? How’s that proofreading going?

It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. Like repeated sentences. Like repeated sentences. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off.

ind wed diy

Kinda illustrates the need for proofreading, doesn’t it?

Style really does bite!

At Yahoo! Style, writing mistakes aren’t restricted to the words on a Web page — they extend to videos, too. Who could miss this misspelling of Café d’Étoile? Oh, yeah, that would be everyone at Style:

cafe detolie style

That video is part of a series called “Style Bites,” and it couldn’t be more aptly named, unless it were called “Writing on Style Bites.” Because the writing really is awful — far below any standard you should expect from a professionally written site. Where else can you see a misspelling of both Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli?

cafe detolie style 2

UPDATE: Well, lookie here. The brain trust at Style made some changes to that paragraph, correcting the spelling of Ms. Streisand’s name, overlooking the misspelling of Ms. Minnelli’s name, and misspelling Tinker Bell’s moniker:

cafe detolie style 3

And they’ve add some information about Mr. Mackie: He doesn’t consider himself a fashion designer in this episode. But I really wasn’t expecting him to design fashions in an online video. So that’s not news, is it?

The really bestest change was to the name of the video series: Fashion Bites. So, now it’s the subject of the website that bites. But really, Style bites, too.

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