Lay down your pen

My advice to the Yahoo! Makers writer: Lay down your pen, pick up a good book (like a dictionary), and lie back and read:

lay back diy

Though both lay and lie have multiple means lay is commonly used to mean “to put, place, or prepare” and lie, “to recline or be situated” according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

How old are you?

Is the writer for Yahoo! Makers so young that she doesn’t know what a garter is? I think so:

garter belt

This is the bright yellow accessory the bride wore. It is a garter:

garter belt pic

This is a garter belt

garter belt pic 2

Neither is a common garment for women nowadays, but they were once a necessity for properly dressed ladies. Or so I’m told.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wrongly

It’s just not rightly to misspell Whiteley. Getting it wrong (this time) is Yahoo! Style:

whitely sty hp

Is that Spanglish?

¡Ack! What language was this written in? Some hybrid of Spanish and English?

sweat ans

Maybe next time the writer for Yahoo! Answers attempts to write a sentence, he or she won’t feel it necessary to use an inverted exclamation mark and won’t fall asleep before completing that sentence.

Readers are trying resolve missing word mystery

Where did it go? How did a word slip out of the Yahoo! front page without an editor or proofreader noticing? Readers are trying to resolve this mystery:

fp trying resolve

Put a little word in the ol’ sentence

A missing word isn’t the worst mistake the writer for Yahoo! Makers made. It’s the apostrophe that signals a missing letter that is:

ole apos mak

An apostrophe can be used to form contractions and it’s used to show how a word is pronounced, often with the final letter missin’. So, what letter is missing from ole’? I think it’s an O: oleo, a popular word in crossword puzzles and a shortening of oleomargarine, more commonly known as margarine.

Are you British?

Do you think it’s kinda odd that the writer for used the non-American spelling colour on an U.S. site?

fp colour

I thought that was strange. I also thought pop lip was odd. What the heck is that? Well, after some sleuthing (not a lot, I admit), it turns out that the lipstick is called Pop Lip Colour + Primer, hence the British spelling. But if that’s the product’s name, why didn’t the writer capitalize it? Who knows?

Taylor Swift gets piggyback ride

I think the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Celebrity meant piggyback:

piggy back cel

Are you ensure that’s the right word?

The writers at Yahoo! Celebrity are sure to make a mistake on their home page:

are ensure cel

There their now

There are few times when I see a homophonic error in a headline, but this one on Yahoo! Sports is a doozy:

there fate

Maybe the writers and editors are resigned to their fate working for a company that doesn’t care to invest in quality writing and editing.


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