Let’s run through that again

Let’s run through this one more time for the folks at Yahoo! Style: If you’re unsure of the spelling of a word, consult a dictionary. If a word looks funny (like, oh, say, maybe throughs), consult a dictionary:


If the writer had done that, she might have seen that run-throughs is a noun requiring a hyphen. Just in case incidents like this happen to arise, editors can cut them out and replace them with the correct word. Editors can also be sure pronouns (like them, not it) match their antecedents (which in this case is incidents).

That’s always been my dream

I’ve had a lifelong dream of having a long life. You might say it’s my lifelong long-life dream. But the staff at Yahoo! Style thinks my long-life dream isn’t about a long life, but about being George Clooney:


They would be wrong. And so would long-life.

Lily-Rose Depp, 17 years old

You might have overlooked the missing hyphen in Lily-Rose Depp’s name in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:


You might have ignored the misspelling of Métiers d’Arts. But no one could miss 17 years old. It’s just wrong here. It’s OK in “Lily-Rose is 17 years old.” But when used as an adjective, it should be “17-year-old Lily Rose.”

Just what I wanted!

Is it just me, or does no one in world want to be the “token guest” at any party?


I can’t even begin to imagine what the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks a “token guest” is. To people actually familiar with English, it means a representative of a group who’s invited to a party in the hope that the host won’t be accused of being a bigot. It’s like if the Cheeto Bandito invited a Mexican to Mar-a-Lago.

Number of errors has skyrocketed

The number of grammatical errors on Yahoo! Style hasn’t really skyrocketed. It’s just held steady at a number that is far too large for a professionally written site. Here’s just one more example:


I can’t explain how a mistake like that gets made. Maybe the writer thought the subject of the verb was accessory, and not searches. Yeah, I’m going with that.

Stretching the meaning of matching

This might be a bit of a stretch on the Yahoo! Style home page:


The editor claims four people in that picture match. If she means they are all wearing white shirts, she’s correct — as long as she ignores the fact that two are wearing a black tuxedo, one is wearing a red suit, and another is wearing a blue suit, and the shoes are all different, and the ties are different. But other than that, they all match exactly!

Trump takes over presidency weeks early!

I thought the presidential inauguration was scheduled for January 20, 2017. But I was wrong. Somehow I missed the transition of the Cheeto Bandito from president-elect to president. Fortunately I have the geniuses at Yahoo! News to keep me up to date:


And then I wrote then

Writing is easier than you think — that is, if you think. The Yahoo! Style writer probably thought this was correct, but he was wrong:


Time warped

When you create a feature for your website, you really need to decide how you’re going to refer to it. Don’t make the mistake that the editors at Yahoo! Style did. They can’t seem to agree on the spelling of this feature:


Don’t add to Kanye’s stress

As if Kanye West wasn’t stressed enough, this headline on yahoo.com might just send him around the bend. Again.


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