Anouncer stuns readers

This spelling of announcer on the Yahoo! front page is quite stunning:

fp anouncer

It reminds me of this spelling of Warren Buffett’s name:

fp buffet

Why do Yahoo! editors have so many problems with spelling words and names that contain double letters? Why can they spell a word or name correctly once, but not twice?

Is that a stereotype?

Is it stereotyping to say that the writers at Yahoo! Style are the worst in the business — at least at proofreading?

sterotypes sty

Give it the boot!

The editors for Yahoo! Style should give this misspelling the boot and replace it with the real plural of booty — which is booties:


Dumbest Statement of the Day

In an article about gifts for Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the Yahoo! Style writer screws up a basic fact as well as a basic spelling:

queen grandchild sty

The new princess is not the grandchild of Queen Elizabeth; she is the great-grandchild.

Putting in place

The editor of the Yahoo! front page has been putting in place some interesting typos and omissions:

fp has putting

So, did the writer mean has been putting? Or has put? Or is putting? Or was putting? Or something else?

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we see the results of indecision: Is hairstyle one word or two?

fp hair stylst

The American Heritage Dictionary says it’s one word and that hairstylist is one word, too.

Did it come as a surprise?

It seems that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight caught the staff at completely by surprise. The writers and editors simply didn’t have enough time to master the spelling of Manny’s surname, screwing it up here:

fp paq 2

Just to prove to their readers that wasn’t a typo, they misspelled the name again here:

fp paq 1

They obviously have more important issues to cover, like the return of the fanny pack and the history of sunscreen.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Uh, no. Prince George was not born more than two years ago. He was born on July 22, 2013 and here we are in May of 2015. That makes him less than two years old and the writer for Yahoo! Style less than an arithmetic genius:

more than 2 yrs ago sty

Not a college graduate

I’m guessin’ the writer or editor for the Yahoo! front page who’s responsible for this never wore a mortarboard:

fp wears

Is that supposed to be wares? I hope not because I’d hate to think there’s a professional writer or editor out there who thinks that’s correct. Maybe it’s supposed to be ways and somebody is a really, really bad typist and an incompetent proofreader. That would be much better.

Today?s top typos

Today’s top two typos come to you from the home page of Yahoo! Style here:

sty hp weeks

and here:

sty hp insitute

and here:


and here’s another one!



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