Get it straight

Would I be strait-laced if I protested this spelling on the Yahoo! front page?

fp straight-laced

The American Heritage Dictionary accepts straight-laced as a variant of the preferred spelling strait-laced. Strait means “tight, narrow, or constricted.” That’s the meaning here and in straitjacket, the spelling preferred over straightjacket.

We don’t know what she’s selling

It’s so nice to know that many revelers comply. Of course, because I learned that tidbit on Yahoo! Shine, I have no idea what they actually comply with:

Obviously, the writer used the wrong word. Just as she used the wrong word for an adult (an adult is a grownup) and for pompons (a cheerleader shakes those pompons or pompoms).

I would have overlooked straightjacket, even though the preferred spelling is straitjacket. But I can’t overlook this:

The the word that’s most frequently repeated on Yahoo! is the:

We don’t know what she’s selling, but it sure is not her writing ability:

Let’s get something straight

Let’s get straight to the point: There is a homophonous mistake on Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time”:

Let’s get this straight: A strait is a narrow channel between two bodies of water.

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