This is plumb crazy

Crazy. That’s what I thought when I read Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” and the writer’s attempt to form the plural of Salahi:

(That was crazy, but not as crazy as the Salahis themselves.)

This is much more boring than it needs to be, but at least it’s not crazy:

Tapping out Pop-Tarts without its capital letters and a homophonic horror that is plumbs — that’s plumb crazy:

Plumb crazy!

Those wacky editors at Yahoo! Answers can be so helpful. When they feature a question that contains an error or two, they clean it up, saving the writer public embarrassment. So, before featuring this question as a “Best of Answers,” the editors noticed a homophonic error:

And they corrected it! Well, they corrected one error and left the funnier one for your enjoyment!

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