Worst place for a misspelling

It’s just not good journalism to misspell a subject’s name in a headline. But that’s what happened on Yahoo! Food:

theissen food hp

The TV personality is Tiffani Thiessen. At least the folks at Yahoo! spelled her first name correctly. There’s that.

You be frank, I’ll be earnest

Frankly, I think this spelling of Ernest Hemingway on Yahoo! Travel is the product of a writer who is either careless or really careless:

earnest tra

One little-known site you should visit

There are lots of websites to help you write better. There are sites for dictionaries and sites that will help you proofread better. My advice to the editors at Yahoo! Travel: You should visit one of them and study, study, study.

shoud tra

Are you a millennial?

I’m guessin’ that the editor for Yahoo! Style responsible for this isn’t old enough to be a millennial:

millenials sty hp

Surely, the writer is still in high school, or maybe even middle school. No college grad would make a mistake like that. Would they?

Keep that word intact

This is no time for tact: The person over at Yahoo! Makers who’s responsible for this is a moron:

tossled diy hp

OK, that was harsh. But what do you call someone who is paid to write and yet can’t spell tousled or intact, and doesn’t use a spell-checker and apparently has no idea how to use an online dictionary?

Breaking up a fistfight, again

For a brief time, yahoo.com returned to its previous incarnation, with more words for the editors to screw up. They still don’t know how to spell fistfight:

fp fist fight 2

They’ve also left me wondering how a plane landed on flight 2598. That must have been tricky. Unless the editor meant it was an unplanned landing of flight 2598.

Breaking up a fistfight

The new face on yahoo.com provides less space for the editors to screw up. But they still manage to do it, this time breaking up fistfight:

fp fist fight

This had me in stitches

If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I’ve seen some very simple words misspelled on Yahoo!. But I’ve never seen cross-stitch misspelled anywhere. And I mean anywhere. But here it is on Yahoo! Shopping, where the writer can’t spell stitch to save her life, can’t decide if cross-stitch should be hyphenated (it should) and overlooked a missing hyphen in 4-inch:

cross stich sho

Make over the makeup artst

How does a typo like this — on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity — go unnoticed and uncorrected?

artst cel

We should all be anti-fois gras

As reported on Yahoo! Food, Pamela Anderson is opposed to fois gras. Me, too! I’m opposed to all misspellings, even the misspelling of foie gras:

fois-gras foo


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