What would you say afer reading this?

What would you say to the writer or editor after reading this on yahoo.com?

fp afer 2

How about “Take a proofreading class”?

Sneak peek

If this is a sneak peek of the quality of writing we can expect from Yahoo! Decor, I think it will be a rich source of fodder for Terribly Write:

chatskis sty

Can you figure out what “chatskis” are?I think it’s the phonetic spelling of tchotchkes by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce tchotchkes. That’s the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen.

Jaimie Alexander is not the fiancée

It’s not bad enough. The writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t just screw up Jaimie Alexander’s name. Oh, nooo. She also had to screw up her designation as a recent fiancée:

jaime fiancee

Hang on!

Hang on! I gotta check something on Yahoo! Style:

hanger ons sty

Did I really read that? Does the writer really think that is the correct plural of hanger-on (notice the hyphen?) The plural is hangers-on, and it’s similar to plural of other hyphenated nouns: mothers-in-law, editors-in-chief, runners-up, and presidents-elect.

Breaking up a trailblazer

I’ve heard of a fitted blazer, a boyfriend blazer, and even a draped blazer. But I’ve never heard of the trail blazer that’s mentioned on yahoo.com:

fp trail blazer

Perhaps that’s a new type of jacket designed by the tech company. That would make Yahoo! a trailblazer in the fashion world.

Get my drift?

To the writer for Yahoo! Style: Please learn to write in actual English words. Your breakup of midsection was bad, but calling a midriff a mid drift is beyond explanation. You’re severely lacking in the vocabulary department, if you get my drift:

mid drift sty

Are you mad?

Are you kidding me? Jon Hamm has been the star of one of the most popular TV shows for eight years, and the geniuses at yahoo.com don’t know how to spell his name?!

fp john hamm

Oh, goard, no!

You know what would be so much better than this writer’s attempt at a pun on Yahoo! Makers?

goardspeed diy

If she knew how to spell gourd, that’s what.

It doesn’t matter how clever your words or your puns — if you misspell them, you don’t look cool, you look like a fool.

This editor needs an editor

The editor who wrote this for Yahoo! Style could use an editor herself:

editor in chiefs sty

The plural of editor-in-chief is editors-in-chief.

Is that Josh Ostrovsky?

No, that’s not Josh Ostrovsky on the home page of Yahoo! Style. But it should be:

ostrovosky sty

How embarrassing! Misspelling the subject of an article — in a headline!


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