Don’t add to Kanye’s stress

As if Kanye West wasn’t stressed enough, this headline on might just send him around the bend. Again.


Impersonating an editor

Someone over at Yahoo! Style impersonates a competent editor with this huge headline:


Someone violated the language

Someone violated English on with this nasty spelling:


Not a good place for this

The home page of Yahoo! Celebrity is not a good place to misspell Joe Giudice’s name:


Is this the first time you’ve heard of Hillary Clinton?

Apparently the editors over at Yahoo! Style haven’t been paying attention. Somehow, Hillary Clinton just hasn’t been on their radar:


Is there anyone in the United States (or any country with a newspaper, radio station, TV reception, Internet access, or smoke signals) who hasn’t heard of Hillary?

If you can’t be right, at least be consistent

Well, you gotta give this Yahoo! Style writer props for being consistent. Not only did she misspell both the first and last names of actor Jussie Smollett, but she also did it twice:


It takes a special kind of confidence to pound out a name without bothering to Google it first.

It’s not a rare occurrence

A misspelled word is not a rare occurrence on


Is the pressure too much?

Is there too much pressure on the writers at Yahoo! Style? Are they so stressed that they can’t do their jobs properly? Is that why 5 out of 7 recent photo captions contain misspelled names?

You might think this is just a typo, and not a deliberate misspelling of Pharrell:

pharell 1

You would be wrong. Unless the writer made the same typo twice:

pharell 2

You might not know how to spell Mica Arganaraz’s name, but a writer should:

pharell 4

Emily Ratajkowski is such a well-known model, that you’d think someone who writes about fashion would be familiar with her name. Again, you would be wrong:

pharell 3

Ale Dragulele sounds like an exotic alcoholic beverage, but it’s just a misspelling of Alex Dragulele:

pharell 5

It must be awful working in that environment. But can’t a writer take a little pride in their work and at least check the spelling of all names? (To check the spelling of all the names in this post, I highlighted the name, right-clicked, and selected “Search Google for …” It takes just a few seconds and saves me lots of embarrassment.)


Trump cut short

People must be getting nervous over at Yahoo! Finance, and it’s affecting their work. It looks like a little p ran out of Mr. Trump:

trum fin

And instead of merely appealing the EU tax decision, Apple will appeal against it, which might mean something to the writer, but to me means the writer is unfamiliar with English:

appeal against fin hp

I don’t know why Apple will appeal the decision. Heck if I owed a $14.50 tax bill, I’d just pay it:

14.5 news hp

Maybe it’s the principle of the thing. Or maybe the stress is getting to those folks at Yahoo!.

When did that happen?

When did 14-year-olds become preteens? Oh, when they were born and stayed preteens up until the day before their 13th birthday — at least according to everyone who isn’t a writer for Yahoo! Style:

preteen sty

I know that Yahoo! writers and editors are not good with numbers. They confuse millions and billions, think that digits and letters are the same thing,  and just don’t get percentages. But you’d think they’d know that fourteen isn’t a preteen because teen is part of the word.

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