Downright embarrassing

As anyone who’s ever been duped by something they’ve read on Yahoo! Shine can attest, the site has some problems. There are problems with the accuracy of some articles. Like the claim that Shine had pictures of Prince George in Australia — days before he arrived there. And, of course, there are problems with grammar and spelling and word choice.

Not all mistakes are horrid, like this sentence with an extra word and the breakup of a perfectly fine word into two words:

praying 1

But some goofs are downright embarrassing:

praying 2

I’m assuming that the writer meant preying (which means victimizing). But co-counsil? Is that the bastard child of a council mating with a counsel?

English doesn’t have a prayer

The English language doesn’t have a prayer when a professional writer can make mistakes like these and still collect a paycheck:

So, capitalizing wobbegong isn’t the worst mistake the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” made. Thinking that the predator shark has to wait to pray is. Everyone knows a shark can pray at any time. Its the shark’s prey that can’t.

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