Make over that headline

What do the editors at Yahoo! Makers make? Mistakes! This headline needs a make over to change the noun makeover to the phrasal verb make over:

makeover mak hp

One word, so wrong

The writers at Yahoo! Style just love the word through. They love it so much they use it instead of threw. They use it not just for the past tense of the verb, but for the present tense of throw:

through sty

So, they got the wrong word in the wrong tense? Does that make sense?

Subject matter experts need not apply

If you know the difference between piping (that narrow tube of fabric enclosing a cord) and pipping (which is what a baby chick does to get out of its shell), then you’re too well educated to write for Yahoo! Style:

pipping sty pic pipping sty

What would you say afer reading this?

What would you say to the writer or editor after reading this on

fp afer 2

How about “Take a proofreading class”?

Sneak peek

If this is a sneak peek of the quality of writing we can expect from Yahoo! Decor, I think it will be a rich source of fodder for Terribly Write:

chatskis sty

Can you figure out what “chatskis” are?I think it’s the phonetic spelling of tchotchkes by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce tchotchkes. That’s the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen.

Not a geography expert?

Can’t spell the names of World Heritage Sites like Machu Picchu?

macchu picchu cel

Have no idea how to spell New Jersey’s Paterson?

patterson cel

No problem! You too can write for Yahoo! Celebrity, where the ability to spell is not a job requirement.

Not a subject-matter expert?

Don’t know anything about fashion? Can’t spell a designer’s name correctly to save your life. Then you, too, can write for Yahoo! Style, where the ability to spell the name of shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti is optional:

guiseppe sty hp

Jaimie Alexander is not the fiancée

It’s not bad enough. The writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t just screw up Jaimie Alexander’s name. Oh, nooo. She also had to screw up her designation as a recent fiancée:

jaime fiancee

Hang on!

Hang on! I gotta check something on Yahoo! Style:

hanger ons sty

Did I really read that? Does the writer really think that is the correct plural of hanger-on (notice the hyphen?) The plural is hangers-on, and it’s similar to plural of other hyphenated nouns: mothers-in-law, editors-in-chief, runners-up, and presidents-elect.

Breaking up a trailblazer

I’ve heard of a fitted blazer, a boyfriend blazer, and even a draped blazer. But I’ve never heard of the trail blazer that’s mentioned on

fp trail blazer

Perhaps that’s a new type of jacket designed by the tech company. That would make Yahoo! a trailblazer in the fashion world.


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