Let’s run through that again

Let’s run through this one more time for the folks at Yahoo! Style: If you’re unsure of the spelling of a word, consult a dictionary. If a word looks funny (like, oh, say, maybe throughs), consult a dictionary:


If the writer had done that, she might have seen that run-throughs is a noun requiring a hyphen. Just in case incidents like this happen to arise, editors can cut them out and replace them with the correct word. Editors can also be sure pronouns (like them, not it) match their antecedents (which in this case is incidents).

Lily-Rose Depp, 17 years old

You might have overlooked the missing hyphen in Lily-Rose Depp’s name in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:


You might have ignored the misspelling of Métiers d’Arts. But no one could miss 17 years old. It’s just wrong here. It’s OK in “Lily-Rose is 17 years old.” But when used as an adjective, it should be “17-year-old Lily Rose.”

Don’t add to Kanye’s stress

As if Kanye West wasn’t stressed enough, this headline on yahoo.com might just send him around the bend. Again.


Impersonating an editor

Someone over at Yahoo! Style impersonates a competent editor with this huge headline:


Ashley Graham and her open and honest career

Ashley Graham is a model whose career is “on the up and up,” according to Yahoo! Shine:


I guess that means it’s an open and honest career, not one that’s on the rise or on a roll. I just have no idea what that really means, just as I am flummoxed about a career that “has not slowed its roll.” Her career is rolling unfettered, I guess, but most rolling is best done downhill, with the help of gravity.

Oh, we shouldn’t focus on little details like misused idioms and the meaning of words. Instead, let’s focus on the misspelled Glamour, which is a fashion magazine that one might expect a fashion editor to be familiar with. Sigh.

What do you call a vigilant theoretical physicist?

What do you call a vigilant theoretical physicist? Alert Einstein!


Thanks to Yahoo! Style for the best typo of the day!

This is not surprising

Is it a typo? Is it a misspelling? Whichever it is, it’s not surprising to find it on yahoo.com:


Here’s the lowdown: It’s wrong

Here’s the lowdown on this sentence from Yahoo! Style: It’s wrong.


Lowdown is not two words and its should be a contraction for two words (it’s).

Do your glances think?

A cursory glance at this excerpt from Yahoo! Style is all it takes to spot some major problems:


Can we talk about the whole “cursory glance might have thought” thing? Really, glances (cursory or otherwise) don’t have a lot of thoughts.

If the missing space were the only error in this paragraph, I wouldn’t even mention it. But I have to mention the fact that the writer can’t keep her subject’s name straight. It’s Jenner, not Kardashian.

When she’s not confusing a Jenner with a Kardashian, the writer’s confusing Smokey (which is a forest-fire preventing bear) with smoky (which is the color of smoke).

So, what does your cursory glance think of this?

Someone violated the language

Someone violated English on yahoo.com with this nasty spelling:


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