It’s not the Netherlands

It looks like someone at is a tad confused. The president of France is François Hollande. Holland is another name for the Netherlands.

fp holland

How to avoid cyberbullying

Is this how the editors at Yahoo! Style avoid cyberbullying? By misspelling it?

cyberbulling sty

Is anyone wiling to read this?

Oh, lordie. Will the management at Yahoo! Style ever hire writers and editors who know actual English words? Let’s skip on over the repeated words, ignore the wiling (because even thought it’s a real word, it makes no sense in this context), and focus on the expression to shill out:

wiling shill out sty

This writer, who happens to hold the title of “news editor,” clearly has no idea what shill means. And she has no idea that a person who spends money is shelling it out, not shilling it.

This is truly a sad, sad statement about the state of journalism today. Or maybe just about the state of “journalism” at Yahoo!.

Would that be Gump or Tucker?

There’s Forrest Gump and Forrest Tucker. And a lot of other people named Forrest. So which one was Yahoo! Makers referring to?

forrest mak

I find it hard to believe that a professional writer cannot spell a word that appeared on every second-grade spelling list. Nor can I believe that Yahoo! writers don’t have access to a simple spell-checker or a competent proofreader or editor. This misspelling of forest is actually quite disgraceful.

This is the “news”

If you judge the accuracy of a news site by the quality of its writing, you might want to skip Yahoo! News. The folks there have trouble matching a subject with its verb:

cancel news

… and don’t seem to know that Angela Merkel is the German chancellor:

angel news

The real scandal

The real scandal on The writers and/or editors who cannot spell the name of the “Scandal” character Mellie Grant:

fp melly

Throw on your glasses

Do you find that some mistakes you read make you want to throw up? Or through up? Here’s one misuse of a word (or a misspelling) from Yahoo! Style that’s makes me a little dizzy:

through on sty

The writer need to throw on some reading glasses and focus on proofreading.

The real mismatch

If you don’t know how to spell common words and you’re a writer or editor for Yahoo! Makers, you and your chosen profession may be mismatched:

miss-matched diy

Why use any other?

This is not a good place for a typo. Mistakes in a headline are never good, and this one from Yahoo! Style proves my point:

nordstom sty

Everyone knows that the store is Nordstrom, so let’s be generous and call that a typo. But what about the spelling of the Jewish holiday? There are several ways to spell it, the most common being Hanukkah and Chanukah. The sweater in question spells it Hanukkah. So why use any other spelling?

No gourtmet salts for me!

No thanks. I don’t think I’ll be trying an gourtmet salts featured on Yahoo! Food:

gourtmet foo


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