This writer knows how to commit

If you’re going to pound out a word, commit to it, just like this writer for Yahoo! Style did:

commmit sty

Squeezing in

The writer for this set of instructions in a Yahoo! Makers video managed to squeeze in an extra Z and eliminate an E. Nice job!

squezze diy

Where do overthrown dictators shop?

Where do overthrown dictators do their shopping? At an Oustmart! It’s kinda like a Walmart, but different. And this on is kinda like correct, but different:

fp oustmart

A crushed spirit

A crushed spirit at Yahoo! Sports might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t in a headline:

sprit spo

Tiiter, tiiter, this isn’t Twitter

This isn’t Twitter on the Yahoo! front page:

fp twiiter

War on Buffett

Is waging a war on Warren Buffett by deliberately misspelling his name?

fp buffet

That’s not a typo when you do it twice. And what’s with that blank space in the bottom left?

Illiterate in two languages

The writers at Yahoo! Makers aren’t known for their mastery of the English language. Now we can bestow another honor: Illiterate in French:

bon appetite diy

The expression in French is bon appétit!

Some aid needed here

Whoever’s responsible for this on the Yahoo! front page could use some aid in proofreading:

fp daying

Meow we’re misspelling

Here’s what looks like a simple typo on Yahoo! Movies, although I can’t always tell the difference between a typo and a misspelling:

lauches mov

What do Patti LaBelle and Kit Harington have in common?

What’s wrong with Patti LaBelle? Only this: In a headline on Yahoo! Style, her big B gets downgraded to a little b:

labelle sty

And what does Ms. LaBelle have in common with Kit Harington? He, too, got the “I don’t give a crap about spelling” treatment on the same page:

harrington sty


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