What one sees

Here’s what one sees on the home page of Yahoo! Style — a misspelled onesies:

onsies sty hp

Stephen Colbert would know better

The editors over at yahoo.com seem to be engaging in a little truthiness themselves, spelling a word coined by Stephen Colbert without regard for logic or evidence:

fp truthiness

Mon dieu!

Mon dieu! Here’s a little intro to a video on Yahoo! Style that claims to teach us how to pronounce famous brand names. (I think the writer meant famous French brand names, but I quibble.) The problem? The writer has her own problems with French.

troiz sty

I can’t be sure, but I think the writer was trying to count to three in French, but misspelled trois. Then there’s something about a cat (chat) inside a dog (chien). Personally, I would have written chat et chien, which would be cat and dog. Let’s not overlook the misspelled Alliance and the missing hyphen in Roche-Posay.

But my favorite gaffe is in the actual video, where the writer just can’t get that accent right in Hermès:

hermes vid sty

Don’t you love those experts at Yahoo!? They’re illiterate in two languages!

Not an award-winning headline

This headline on the home page of Yahoo! Style isn’t going to win any journalism awards. Or proofreading awards:


Maybe the editor should have looked at the photo to see that it’s the ESPY Awards.

Katie Couric would be horrified

Katie Couric was a legitimate journalist before she joined Yahoo. She’d be horrified if she saw this spelling of Philando Castile on yahoo.com:

castille fp

Sensitive subject gets insensitive treatment

When you’re writing about a sensitive subject, give it the respect it deserves. And don’t follow the example of yahoo.com editors: Proofread!

fp breastfreeding

Raquel Welch gains a little

Imagine going through the trouble of making a video for Yahoo! Style and committing a stupid misspelling like this:

racquel sty

The actress is Raquel Welch.

Is Mark Zuckerberg right?

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is correct. What’s incorrect is this spelling on Yahoo! Style:

zuckerburg sty hp

Rolling back mistakes

I wish there were some way to roll back misspellings. I’m thinkin’ it would be great if the Yahoo! Finance editors could correct a mistake after a story is published. Of course, that would require that (1) Yahoo! Finance have actual editors, (2) the editors recognize that a noun (like rollback) is different from a verb (like roll back), and (3) they cared enough about the quality of the content on their site to correct errors.

rollback fin

Going from bad to worse

Misspelling dustup was bad. But things get worse on Yahoo! Sports when it comes to fisticuffs:

dust up mlb


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