But wait! There’s more!

When she’s not confusing her right hand with her left (see today’s first post), the “news editor” for Yahoo! Style is confusing her readers. She’s also kinda insulting them with her disregard for niceties like punctuation, accurate spelling, and correct grammar.

Omitting a comma isn’t the worst offense in this paragraph, the ungrammatical were (which should be was) is. Or maybe it’s the inability to spell Ms. Wohlfahrt’s name correctly more than once:

tek sty 1

Each of those mistakes was made by a professional writer, who again thinks that each is a plural and that Ms. Wohlfahrt is someone named Wolfhart:

tek sty 2

But wait! There’s more! Once more the editor displays a woeful ignorance of grammar and the name of the subject she’s writing about:

tek sty 3

Where else can one person make so many mistakes in front of so many people and get paid for it?

Maybe you’re too independent

Were the editors for Yahoo! Style so independent that they didn’t feel the need to use a spell-checker or a dictionary?

independant sty hp

War on Buffett

Yahoo! is streaming the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, so you’d think it could get the name of its CEO right. But nooooo. The folks at yahoo.com just can’t tell the difference between a serve-yourself meal and Warren Buffett:

fp buffet opt

Striking the wrong chord

Nothing in this photo caption on Yahoo! Style hits the right note or strikes a chord with me:

hit cord sty

I’m embarrassed for the writer. She managed to screw up a common expression in two ways: The expression is “hit the right note” or “strike a chord” (but she can’t even use the correct homophone in the latter). It’s followed in the same sentence with a mismatched subject and verb. And to prove that she’s not just grammatically and verbally impaired, she shows that she knows little about the subject of this mess by misspelling Céline. I’ve read high school newspapers that are better written and edited than this.

How soon we forget

It hasn’t been a week since the passing of Prince, yet the editors at yahoo.com seem to have forgotten his name:

fp prnces

Under pressure?

Things must be getting pretty tense over at yahoo.com. I guess all the gossip and speculation about Yahoo!’s future is getting to the editors. They can’t even copy a company name correctly:

fp under armor

The sportswear company is Under Armour.

Paying respects

This is no way to pay respects to Ed Snider on the Yahoo! Sports home page:

enider spo hp

Toss that frenemiest

Here’s one way to turn your readers into frenemies: Make a typo on your home page, just like the editors at Yahoo! Style did:

frienemists sty hp

Did you Google that?

Might I recommend that the Yahoo! Style writer Google every word he ever writes? Here’s why I suggest it:

googles sty

Here’s the basketball player in his googles:

googles sty pic

Trashin’ fashion

Finding misspellings is my passion. That’s why I hang out at the Yahoo! Sports, where the editors are trashin’ fashion:

fashsion spo hpTr


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