Mourning the death of the language

There is no hope for the future of the English language if a writer who is this bad can find and keep a job at an Internet giant like Yahoo!.

The standards for professional writers at Yahoo! Shine are so low that basic English knowledge isn’t required of writers. Even the ability to proofread and type is optional. Just a single article on Shine illustrates:

This is either incredibly funny or incredibly sad:

There’s no attempt here to try to spell fiery correctly:

The worse error here isn’t the repeated word; it’s the implication that Tyler Justine has a girl crush on models:

More typos make the writer look careless or maybe just dim:

I don’t think this writer has an intimate knowledge of common English expressions like “resistant to change.” For a “Beauty and Style expert,” she’s woefully lacking in basic knowledge of the industry, including how to spell John Frieda and his Frizz-Ease product:

I’m donning a black veil this morning.

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