What is this due to?

What could possibly be the source of these errors on Yahoo! Style? Was the writer under such a tight deadline that she tried to save time by typing a instead of an?

due us sty

Is she homophonically challenged, unable to tell the difference between due and do?

I stopped reading due to your word choice

Looks like the writer for Yahoo! Style made do without the services of an editor.

made due sty

When I read this, I stopped reading due to the writer’s inability to use the idiom made do.

Making due without an editor

If you’re like the writer for Yahoo! Sports’ “Fourth-Place Medal,” you don’t have the services of a competent editor, so you have to make do. Let’s just hope you don’t do it like he did:

make due sports

Making do with what you have

If you make three boneheaded errors at the beginning of a sentence, perhaps you should stop writing and correct your mistakes, rather than continue with the sentence.

news new have

But the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” has another idea: He’s happy to make do with the limited skills he has. He doesn’t seem to mind that New Haven got shortchanged, that due isn’t what the police made, and that a semicolon isn’t a substitute for a comma.

Time to pay up

It’s time for the Cadillac CTS-V to pay up. This make is due, according to Yahoo! Autos:

Now, if the writer had meant “To manage to get along with the means available,” then he should have written “makes do.”

Someone is due for a nap

Honey, I think you need to go lie down. You’re due for a nap. I know that writing for the Yahoo! front page is tiring, so go get some rest. They’ll just have to make do without you:

It’s funny due to writer’s homophonic errors

Due to the writer’s inability to tell the correct word from a word that sounds like it, this excerpt from Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time” is actually quite amusing:

For those needing additional explanation (I’m looking at you, Yahoo! writers and editors), the correct expression is due to the fact and the correct word is fiancé (which is a male).

Time for a little adult supervision

Oh, lordie. Why are some writers allowed out in public without adult supervision? Someone over at Yahoo! Shine needs to watch this writer and exercise a little oversight because readers of her blog posts are recipients of some of the most egregious errors in Webdom.

How difficult is it to run spell-check or to verify the spelling of Whoopi Goldberg?

betsey 1

The relatively minor offense of omitting the hyphen in ’80s-inspired

betsey 2

is offset due to a horrendous homophone error:

betsey 3

Hallelujah! There’s only one misspelling here:

betsey 4

Good job! But next time, try hyphenating the compound adjective high-end:

betsey 5

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