A poor excuse for a writer

You don’t have to be poring over this caption on Yahoo! Style to see a homophonic error:

pooring sty

Maybe the Yahoo! writer didn’t write that (I can’t tell who wrote it since there is no attribution to the GIF), but someone at Yahoo! should have noticed the poor spelling.

What did you pour?

Are you wondering what the writer for Yahoo! Beauty poured through the guides on Goop?

pour thru bea

Me neither. I can’t imagine what it would be. Me? I’d just pore through them — reading them carefully.

Poor excuse for a writer

Oh, this poor writer! Maybe she’s not feeling well. Maybe she needs a drink. Someone pour her a scotch and perhaps this Yahoo! Makers scribe will see the error of her ways.

poor diy

A pour excuse

The poor soul who wrote this for Yahoo! Shine should be required to pore over a dictionary, making note of the difference between pour and pore, a minute opening in the skin that sweat pours out of:

pours shine

Then she should be required to study the difference between a noun (like bath) and a verb (like, oh, say, maybe bathe).

Was maple syrup involved?

Just what did the writer for Yahoo! Shine pour over her bills? Maple syrup? Catsup? Motor oil?

If she read the bills carefully, she pored over them.

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