What kind of flower do they use?

What kind of flower is used to make tortillas? Not roses or marigolds, neither of which has much nutritional value. We’d have to as the writer for Yahoo! Makers who has trouble with homophones as well as matching a verb to the singular subject neither:

flower totillas diy

Your history makes you the wrong person to edit

The yahoo.com editors’ history makes them the wrong people to notice a mismatched subject and verb:

fp history make

One is the subject

About 1 in 2 writers for Yahoo! makes a mistake when trying to match a verb to its subject. In this case, the grammatical gaffe appears on Yahoo! Parenting:

die before birth par

The subject of that sentence is one, and the verb should be is born. But what’s worse is the writer’s contention that most infants with anencephaly die shortly before birth. The truth is that most die soon after birth.

What a waist!

Fashion shows are becoming more and more inclusive as women with less-than-perfect bodies take to the runways. As noted by a Yahoo! Style writer, one model’s body is unique: Her waist is just a tad higher than most women’s. In fact, it’s just under her armpits:

pink rope pic pink rope

I think it’s great! Not so great? The writer’s inability to match a verb (which should be suggest) with its plural subject and neglecting to hyphenate the adjective modern-day. But at least she spelled waist correctly, even if she can’t identify it.

How many experts are there?

There’s definitely something wrong on the Yahoo! front page: Either one expert examines Manziel’s  impact, or multiple experts examine the impact:

fp experts examines

But when there’s a typo that creates a mismatched subject and verb, there’s no way to tell what’s right and what’s wrong.

Editors head to dictionary

Ha-ha. Not really. The editors at yahoo.com didn’t head to a dictionary when they wrote and approved this:

fp mem heads

Maybe if they had they would have learned that memorabilia is a plural noun requiring the plural verb head.

Welcome. Now go away

The front page of a website is like a welcome mat. But what if that mat read “Welkome”? Would you still enter the site?

Would you click on this headline on Yahoo! Style, knowing that the designer’s name is Julien Macdonald (without a capital D)?

macdonald sty hp

Do you find the breakup of a word on the same page a turnoff?

turn offs sty hp

If I were the editor, I would have corrected this incorrect verb, but as a reader, I’d pass:

was 4 were sty hp

How many errors on a home page does it take before you  realize that maybe you’re really not welcome?

Cast and crew: one and the same?

According to Yahoo! Movies, the “Suicide Squad” cast and crew are a single unit; either that, or the writer can’t match a verb to its subject:

celebrates mov

It should be getting hotter

Someone should turn the heat on the writers and editors at the Yahoo! front page. Maybe then we wouldn’t be subjected to grammatical gaffes:

fp wave smother

Would that be an Alp?

Kylie Jenner’s cap and gown, which she word for her high school graduation, are two objects, I think. Isn’t that a plural subject in this sentence from Yahoo! Style?

sneak peak sty

If that were the only problem with that sentence, I’d probably ignore it. But no! The writer had to go tell us about a “sneak peak,” which I think refers to some mountain, like an Alp. Readers might be more interested in a sneak peek of a party thrown by Ryan Seacrest. Hey, at least she didn’t tell us it was throne by Mr. Seacrest. So maybe it’s not so bad.


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