It’s never to late

It’s never “to late.” The correct expression is “too late.” That’s just one of several homophones a Yahoo! Shine writer gets wrong in a single article:

to late 1

She’s racked up another homophonic horror here:

to late 2

As a verb wrack means “to wreck”; when you mean “to accumulate” use rack up.

She’s made more than her fair share of errors. Here’s another one:

to late 3

Racking up some wrack and ruin

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film “Up” ruined some critical kudos and a huge box-office haul:

The correct word would be racked; but I think the writer’s choice is much funnier. Not so funny is the missing word here:

and the unnecessary hyphen in heavyweight:

and the incorrect title of the movie “Beauty and the Beast”:

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