Dem’s da breaks

Is this some boxing-related pun that I’m too dense to understand? What do the editors at Yahoo! Sports mean when they say some people will have to “pump their breaks”?

pump breaks spo hp

Maybe those editors should slow down (by metaphorically pumping their own brakes) and learn to tell the difference between common homophones.

Dem’s da breaks

Someone needs to fix this breaks on Yahoo! Travel:

breaks travel

Dem breaks should be brakes, which is the stuff that’ll stop your car.

Dem’s the breaks

Could someone please put the brakes on the Yahoo! Shine writer responsible for this?

put the breaks on shine

Dem’s da brakes

It’s time to put the brakes on ridiculous homophonic errors from Yahoo! Shine:

breaks shine

A new record?

Is this a new record for Yahoo! Shine? One sentence, three goofs: than instead of then, a missing the, and break instead of brake.

When they’re wrong, they’re really wrong

The editors at Yahoo! Shine make more than their share of mistakes. And when they’re wrong, they’re really wrong:

Why is it so hard for the editor to choose the correct word instead of the completely wrong word? And how did she make a homophonous error again in the same article?

OK, all she had to do was copy the gosh-darned title of a book. And she can’t even do that right? Gimme a break! (Or in this case, a brake.)

Gimme a brake!

Actually, make that brakes on Yahoo! Movies:

I am just ease up, putting the breaks on

What? You don’t get it? It’s all here on Yahoo! Shine:


Perhaps Yahoo! should put the brakes on publishing articles before they have been edited.

Dem’s da breaks on the Internet

It’s time to put the brakes on Internet content that is fraught with errors, like this headline and teaser from Yahoo! Shine:


Although it’s moving toward becoming a common noun, the Internet is still worthy of capitalization. And you may break up with your Internet crush or simply put the brakes on the relationship. But when it comes to using a word on the Web, it seems that anything goes. I guess dem’s da breaks.

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