There is one thing wrong

There is one thing wrong with this excerpt from Yahoo! Health. Can you spot it?

their is one thing health

There their now

There are few times when I see a homophonic error in a headline, but this one on Yahoo! Sports is a doozy:

there fate

Maybe the writers and editors are resigned to their fate working for a company that doesn’t care to invest in quality writing and editing.

They’re making their mistakes over there

Those wacky Yahoo! Style editors are at it again with their homophonic errors:

their were sty

How I wish there were fewer errors and better editors at Yahoo!.

This is really out there

Don’t judge. We shouldn’t judge this managing editor for Yahoo! Makers since we’re not the ones out there making homophonic mistakes:

their diy

Depends on whom you ask

How many errors have there been on Yahoo! News? Hundreds? Thousands? I don’t really know and I don’t think there is anyone to tell the tale of homophonic errors, like this one:

tail news

Is this correct? It depends on whom you ask. A Yahoo! writer and editor would think that who is the correct pronoun and have their been is really cool:

who you ask news

Well, there have been many, many errors on Yahoo! News. And these are just a few more.

This is the news

What is it about Yahoo! News? Why are the standards for writing soooo low? Why are grammatical errors, typos, misspellings, and worse of all, factual errors, tolerated?

Why do writers working there fail to understand the difference between some homophones, like there and their?

news their

Does this look right to you?

news their 2

Collecting data from 1.7 cases probably isn’t going to give you statistically significant results. You probably need data from at least 2 cases. Or maybe more like 1.7 million cases. What a difference a missing word makes!

And what a difference an unnecessary word — even a small one — makes to the reader:

news their 3

When it comes to following the laws of grammar, these writers are felons. They just don’t realize that when placed between two numbers, a hyphen means “to” or “through,” not “and,” which is the word the writer should have used instead of the hyphen:

news their 4

This is what passes for journalism on Yahoo! News.

What is their standing?

It looks like their standing should really be “they’re standing” on Yahoo! Music:

their standing music

It’s not the most most mistakes

It’s not the most mistakes you’ll find in a single article on Yahoo!. (I believe that distinction belongs to a writer for Yahoo! Shine, who managed more than 50 mistakes in a single article.) This article from Yahoo! Sports’ “Prep Rally” just contains some completely avoidable errors, like the misspelled Buckley School and the duplicated word:

cheer 1

The words their, there, and they’re are on every list of mistakes that make you look stupid. So, of course, you’ll find a homophonic mistake in this article, too:

cheer 3

This isn’t so bad; it’s just missing the hyphen in Washington-Lee:

cheer 2

But misspelling Rachael Ray? That woman is everywhere! How can you not know how to spell her name?

cheer 4

On the other hand

Considering how egregious most writing mistakes are on Yahoo!, I almost feel bad about pointing out this misplaced apostrophe on Yahoo! omg!:

ll omg 1

On the one hand, the writer knew enough to include an apostrophe. On the other hand, the apostrophe isn’t in the correct location; it belongs after the S.

I don’t feel at all bad about pointing out this homophonic horror:

ll omg 2

Confusing their, there, and they’re is on every top 10 list of common grammatical errors. So, on the one hand, it’s not surprising the writer would use they’re when the correct word is their. On the other hand, is a ring.

They’re pointing and laughing

Readers are pointing and laughing at this excerpt from Yahoo! Movies:

theyre obvious chemistry movies

They’re amused by the writers and their obvious inability to pick the right homophone. They know that they’re is a contraction for they are and that their is a possessive pronoun.


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