What were you thinking?

I could be urging the Yahoo! Style “news editor” to proofread her writing before she publishes it. But I won’t because if I did, we wouldn’t be treated to this bit of amusement:

gender neural sty

I think a “gender neural dress code” specifies that male neurons must wear pants, and female axons must be covered at all times.


That’s about per for the course

Once again displaying a disregard for grammar, a journalist for Yahoo! News mistakes whom for the correct word and a hyphen for a dash:

There’s no explaining how mistakes like these get passed on to the reader:

But that’s about par for the course at Yahoo! Also common is the use of the hyphen when a dash is required. At least the writer tried to include the HTML symbol for an em dash, but failed. But that’s not the worst of this mess. I’d say forgetting to complete a sentence is a high crime in journalism:

Mistakes like this can be really damaging to a news source’s reputation:

It would be damaging, that is, if anyone considered Yahoo! a reliable source of news.

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