Someone’s having a bad day

Someone on the Yahoo! Shine staff is having a bad, bad day. You hardly ever see so many mistakes in such visible places. Maybe the writer/editor had a migraine when she wrote this:

emmy's shine

Emmy’s is the possessive form of Emmy. The plural doesn’t have an apostrophe; it’s Emmys.

Proving that the apostrophe isn’t the only punctuation mark she’s failed to master, she puts a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the adjective it modifies:

newly-engaged shine

It doesn’t belong there. The suffix -LY is the signal to the reader that the word is an adverb and modifies the word that follows it.

Finally, there’s this cross between finally and finale. In other words, a gross misspelling:

finalle shine


2 Responses to “Someone’s having a bad day”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    It’s sort of like having a bad hair day. They have bad grammar days, bad spelling days, bad punctuation days, ….

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