Writer and editor has given the OK

Do you believe that both the writer and the editor for Yahoo! Food have given the OK to this?

rent has food

Keep that word intact

This is no time for tact: What the heck did the Yahoo! Food writer think in tact meant?!!

in tact foo

She should have kept that word intact.

Something else is scrambled

It looks like this headline and picture on Yahoo! Food got a bit scrambled:

scrambled eggs food

That doesn’t look like scrambled eggs to me.

Worst place for a misspelling

It’s just not good journalism to misspell a subject’s name in a headline. But that’s what happened on Yahoo! Food:

theissen food hp

The TV personality is Tiffani Thiessen. At least the folks at Yahoo! spelled her first name correctly. There’s that.

Keep those chickens out!

If you’re concerned about chickens invading your favorite cafe, fear not! Yahoo! Food introduces you to cafe-free eggs, obviously laid by cafe-free hens:

cafe-free foo

We should all be anti-fois gras

As reported on Yahoo! Food, Pamela Anderson is opposed to fois gras. Me, too! I’m opposed to all misspellings, even the misspelling of foie gras:

fois-gras foo

How not to make a link

Here’s a perfect example of how not to include a link in your text:

link food

It’s from Yahoo! Food. (And that’s how you do a link.)

Raising the bar on idiom idiocy

This writer for Yahoo! Food has just upped the ante and raised the bar on writing nonsensical idioms:

upping the bar food

No gourtmet salts for me!

No thanks. I don’t think I’ll be trying an gourtmet salts featured on Yahoo! Food:

gourtmet foo

One key principle to writing

Here’s one key principle to writing: If you don’t have a competent editor, be your own editor. Oh, and another principle: Learn the difference between principle and principal. That’s a lesson lost on this Yahoo! Food writer:

principals foo

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