I won’t even venture a guess

It’s pretty clear that there’s an unnecessary hyphen in antidepressants. What’s not clear to me in this article on Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout”? I’m afraid to guess what “sleep aides” are, but they sound like “professional” ladies or maybe hypnotists.

I really don’t know if this use of wrote is really trendy, but I think that attributed would work better, without ambiguity. It’s easy to guess that predessors is supposed to be predecessors. And a quick Google search would tell the writer that the post is vice chief of staff, without the hyphen:

So, my unanswered question is: How do errors like this happen on a supposed news site? And why should I trust anything this reporter writes? Oh, I guess that’s two questions.


One Response to “I won’t even venture a guess”

  1. news junkie Says:

    I can’t believe the crap yahoo news puts out every day. It seems like they don’t care about accuracy or literacy — just post something and fix it later if someone calls them out. It’s a triumph of quantity over quality. You can bet I’ll be getting my real news elsewhere.

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