Is my face red!

Am I embarrassed! I write for the Yahoo! front page — read by a gazillion people every day — and I couldn’t even copy Lana Del Rey’s name right:


2 Responses to “Is my face red!”

  1. Pardon My Rust Says:

    I wondered how long it would take the “writers” or “editors” at yahoo to correct this embarrassment. They just did. I really feel sorry for them; apparently their management doesn’t think their jobs are important enough to hire proofreaders or legitimated editors, and instead they rely on you to do the job. I also find it incredibly insulting to yahoo’s readers that they let mistakes like this go uncorrected for so long.

    • Laura Says:

      It’s a sad commentary on Yahoo, its employees, and its respect for readers that it continues to allow mistakes like this to happen day after day.

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