That’s the way I like my supplies: standing still

I’ve found that if I go to get supplies, and they’re moving around, forcing me to chase them all over the stockroom, I get really, really frustrated. That’s why I like stationary supplies. And I’m not the only one. There are others who prefer stationary supplies, according to Yahoo! Movies:

junk food 1

Now if I wanted notebooks, writing paper, envelopes, and so forth, I’d go to a stationery store where I’d expect all that stuff to remain stationary on the shelves.

It’s not just the availability of “stationary supplies” in this article that is problematic for me. It’s the lack of agreement between a subject (availability) and its verb (which should be is):

junk food 2

Oh, and the misspelling. That’s problematic for me. And the refusal of the writer to use a spell-checker, which would have found the misspelling. That’s problematic, too.


What do you think?

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