Is that a ZIP code or a phone number?

Actually, it’s supposed to be a TV show, but Yahoo! omg! added a digit:



Whose help is needed?

An editor who’s helped writers improve their communication skills is really what’s needed for this Yahoo! Personals article:


Whose is the possessive form of who or which. Who’s is a contraction of who is or who has.

Make up your mind!

Is it 3-D or 3D? It depends on whom you ask. Covering all bases, Yahoo! Movies uses both:


Perhaps the writer was also unsure of the punctuation character to use around a title and so chose a single quotation mark and a double quotation mark.

Come on, guys. Can’t you make up your mind and stick to it?

Too-too froufrou

Clearly, the writer of this segment from Yahoo! Shine didn’t bother to look up the spelling of froufrou:


It’s closer to the alternative spelling, frou-frou, but it’s still too-too far from being correct.

Jessica Biel and pit bull editors

Some editors and writers are pit bulls when it comes to spelling. Others, not so much. The writer of this photo caption on Yahoo! omg! probably falls in the latter category:


Coming to a theater near year

Near year? This year? Near you? What did the writer of this bit from Yahoo! Movies mean?


Who or what is walking Kirsten Dunst’s dog?

Could it be that Ms. Dunst’s friend is strolling with her pooch? Or could it be someone else? Or more likely, has the writer of this caption on Yahoo! omg! made a mistake?


Premiering a creative spelling

Yahoo! TV premieres a creative spelling of premieres:


Do you mean Barbara Boxer?

If not, and you mean the breed of dog, use a lowercase B. Don’t follow Yahoo! omg!‘s lead:


Also, don’t omit a word, like to.

Johnny Depp breakup

Looks like Johnny Depp has suffered a breakup — or at least a breakoff — at the hands of a writer for Yahoo! Shine:


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