Not a subject-matter expert

You don’t need to be an expert on the subject you’re writing about if you’re writing for Yahoo! Makers. If you can’t spell E. coli, and you can’t take the time to Google it, don’t worry! Close enough is good enough for Yahoo!:

e-coli 1

Of course, you might lose some credibility with your readers, but they’ve probably come to realize that Yahoo! isn’t exactly a trustworthy source of scientific information.

A Hall of Fame error

Do the Dallas Cowboys have a plan for Randy Gregory? Or does the team have plans? You just can’t tell because of this mismatch of subject and verb on Yahoo! Sports:

plan include spo

That’s not exactly an error for the Hall of Fame of Grammar Goofs, but hyphenating Hall of Fame is.

Don’t dangle that in public

Ever wonder how investors can drive up a piece of artwork? Me neither. We don’t wonder that because it makes no sense, even if you read it on the Yahoo! front page:

fp driven up

Investors can drive up the price of artwork. And they did. But the dangling participle (that would be driven) and its participial phrase modifies the noun that follows it — and that would be piece. And that would be stupid.

Searching for meaning

Huh? Am I missing something or is this teaser on the Yahoo! front page missing something?

fp how they differ

What on God’s green Earth does “How they differ” mean? What differs? Did the writer forget to tell us?

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