One more amazing thing

There are so many amazing things going on in this article from Yahoo! Style, but the most entertaining is the inclusion of a note (presumably made by the writer to herself) to “EMBED TWEET” followed by some nonsense that may or may not be the text of the tweets she meant to embed:

embed tweet

What are the odds that anyone at Yahoo! read this article before or after it was published? None. Oh, that’s another amazing thing.

Kick off that hyphen!

Here we go: An unnecessary (and wrong) hyphen on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

kick-off sty

If you’re going to kick off an article with a headline, make sure you know the difference between a phrasal verb (such as kick off) and a noun (like kickoff or the alternative, kick-off).

Please tell me that’s a typo

This must be a typo, right? No one thinks that the correct indefinite article before generous is an, right?

fp an gen

A little mistake like that would go unnoticed except when it’s the first word of a teaser on the Yahoo! front page. Then, it’s just embarrassing.

How fast does the world travel?

The surface of the Earth at the equator moves at about 1,000 miles per hour. That’s fast. Is that the speed the writer at Yahoo! Style meant?

world traveled sty

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