Do I repeat myself repeat myself?

This is one of the one of the more common errors on the Yahoo! front page — repeated words:

fp some of the

That error isn’t unique. There are lots of others on, including qualifying the adjective unique. I can’t find a single authority that says it’s correct to write about anything that’s very unique, more unique, or most unique since unique means one of a kind. Everybody does it, but you don’t have to. Avoid qualifying unique. There are loads of other words you could use instead, like unusual, rare, uncommon, and remarkable.


I object!

Writers at Yahoo! seem to have trouble forming the plural of compound nouns. Yesterday it was a runners-up error. Today it’s the plural objets d’art that has a Yahoo! Style writer flummoxed:

objets darts

Does this suite your taste?

This word on Yahoo! Makers does not suit my taste, but it does serve a purpose: It illustrates the dangers of relying solely on a spell-checker to do your proofreading:

suite diy

Did you fall asleep?

Did the writer for fall asleep at the keyboard?

fp reportely

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