Transforming Ben & Jerry’s flavor

A new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor has been transformed from a hope to save our “swirled” to a success story at the keyboard of a writer:

fp saved

That’s quite a change. When I sit here wondering how Yahoo!’s writers and editors can make so many mistakes every day, I’m reminded that they can’t even copy a word when it’s right in front of them. Why should I expect anything better from them?

If only it were that easy

Don’t believe everything you read on

fp relieve

If talking about an experience could relieve a victim’s terror, then those who testified at James Holmes’ trial wouldn’t be reliving it. But that’s what they’re doing, according to the actual article. What a difference a little “typo” can make.

For lack of an apostrophe

Lots of actors have played a role as challenging as Hamlet or Macbeth. But no one has played a role as challenging as Joan Smalls. Frankly, I never even knew there was a character named Joan Smalls. The only Joan Smalls I’ve ever heard of is a model. But who am I to question the genius writers at Yahoo! Style?

smalls sty

Of course, if the writer meant that Joan Smalls faced a challenging role, then that would require an apostrophe: a role as challenging as Joan Smalls.

The value of a postmortem

At some websites, writers and editors hold a daily postmortem to discuss the popularity of articles appearing on their site.  At Yahoo! Style the writers and editors should hold a meeting to figure out why they can’t even spell postmortem:

post-mortem sty

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