Proof me wrong

Somebody forgot to proof the Yahoo! front page or did a really crappy job proofing it:

fp to proof on

This is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. You get to choose what the writer meant. Should it be “not enough to prove” or “not enough proof of” or something else?

Spelling-gate part deux

Way back in January, there was a controversy in football that dominated the headlines. The folks at called it deflate-gate and deflategate, because nobody cared about consistent spelling and looking like they worked for a blog written by some drunk guys sitting in a bar.

Now, months later, the controversy has reared its head again, and the folks at the Yahoo! front page still haven’t gotten their act together. There’s this spelling, with a capital D, that the writer thought merited quotation marks:

fp deflate 2

But this writer thinks that’s a bunch of baloney (or has no idea that someone else is also writing about the same subject) and came up with this spelling:

fp deflate 3

But wait! There’s more! Someone else agrees with deflate-gate, but takes issue with Wells report (with a lowercase R) and decided this was right:

fp deflate 1

So, in summary, it’s deflategate when it’s not deflate-gate or “Deflategate.” You can read more about it in the Wells report, unless it’s the Wells Report.

Do not give this writer free rein

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the best writers. And no writer working on a site as widely read as Yahoo! Makers should be given free rein to write without the benefit of an editor.

free reign diy

Giving writers free rein means that they can work unrestrained; giving them free reign means that they can rule the world without charge.

Is that Dwyane Wade? No

A big headline on a big picture is not a good place to misspell a name like Dwyane Wade. But that’s just what the brainiacs at Yahoo! Style did:

dwayne wade sty

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