On your mark, get set, edit!

On your mark, get set, and remove the extraneous S from Marks on the Yahoo! Style home page:

on your marks sty

And then I fell asleep

It must be so exhausting to write for Yahoo! Makers that the writer fell asleep before completing this photo caption:

plate setting diy

Clearly the writer wasn’t tired from searching the dictionary for the correct words to use. If she had tried looking up plate setting she would have found it doesn’t exist in the American Heritage Dictionary. The combination of plate and utensils for one person is called a place setting. Let’s hope that next time she’s a little less drained and she takes care to match a verb to a singular subject (like jar).

What do you make when you slip up?

When you slip up, you make a slip-up. When you write for Yahoo! front page, chances are good that the slip-up will be seen by millions:

fp slip up

What do a bevy of stars drink?

What do a bevy of international stars drink? A bevvy! That’s slang for a drink — especially an alcoholic one. It’s not the same as a bevy because, well, they are different words and they are spelled differently. Except on Yahoo! Style:

bevvy sty 3

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